Monday, December 21, 2009

Making a list : Update!

With only 4 (!!) days til christmas I felt an update of my list was in order so here goes: Bold means its done.

  1. Capes for Kids
  2. Princess Necklaces and Bracelets for Baby Girl
  3. Felt Playmat for Little Man
  4. Autumn Afghan for Grandma - made her a shirt with kids' handprints instead
  5. Keyhole Bowtie for Nina K
  6. Something secret for KG.
  7. Something for Ma
  8. Something for JG
  9. Sweater for my Mother in law.
  10. Plastic Canvas DS Case (in the shape of a classic Nintendo Controller) for Sister in Law.
  11. Tin full of fudge or cookies for Father in law.
  12. Embroidered Dish towel for KA.
  13. Embroidered Tardis shirt for AJ.
  14. Something secret for J.
I'm quite happy with my progress. To be honest, I didn't think I would get this much done. I tend to be a big thinker, and a little doer. But I guess, I've been feeling productive these days! Just a few things left! And Hopefully, I can grab pics of everything with their owners. Except the dish towel, it's already gone off and I forgot all about getting the pic, oh well. You'll just have to trust that it was nicely done, and she loved it.

We will probably be working on #11 sometime today, as the In Laws are coming over on the 23rd to celebrate with us before the Father in Law goes out of town.

I have to admit, I thought this all might've been a bit much for me, and it might've overwhelmed me, but it's made me Soooooo very happy to working on these gifts with my own two hands. I feel more in the christmas spirit this year than ever before. Like I'm one of santa's elves or something. Goofy I know! But it's lifted my spirits so much, I can't believe it. Making things for others, and taking a looooong time doing it, it feels great. Sitting there, thinking about them with each stitch, or cut, whatever, thinking about the look on their faces, and how much they will love it. I love it. Ahhh. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

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