Sunday, March 14, 2010

FO Finally Revealed

Awhile back, I posted this pic, and said I was making a secret lil something for a friend. This here is Vanna's Choice yarn in Cranberry and Mustard.

I started this little ditty over 3 months ago, and just recently finished it, just in time for my friend's birthday. Too bad it's getting warmer around here. She (and I) are big Harry Potter fans so this was pretty fun for me to make, and fun to watch her open.

With the leftovers from the scarf, I make a quick little beanie hat (only took two days! love it). Pattern:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the courage to frog

I am a novice at crochet. I've been working on my rainbow ripple afghan for awhile now, and it's just not working out. I mean - it's not horribly bad, or misshapen. But I keep having to fudge the numbers. I'm thinking I should rip it all out and just do plain rows of double crochet. But all that work.....and it's really not bad looking....but I am just holding off the inevitable by continuing to work on it? UGH.

What would you do?