Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Knitted Christmas Gifts and a new project

A sweater for my mother in law. This is the first adult size sweater I've knit, and I have to admit, the seeming miles of plain white stockinette stitch was making me twitch. But it's done! I taught myself to knit mostly from books, and seams are the things I can't quite get. Anyone have any good resources for learning how to seam?

Here is part of an Lapghan I'm making for my Grandma. It's made in five scarf like panels, and I have two done, working on the third. Seeing as there are only 9 days til christmas, I'm fairly sure that this won't be done in time. Lucky for me, I have a back up gift for her, teehee. Why does that make me feel sneaky? lol.

I loved knitting this little ditty. It's the Keyhole Bowtie from the Fall 09 of Knit Simple mag. I used I Love This Cotton! from Hobby Lobby, and it's really soft! Sorry for the crappy picture quality, I only had my camera phone on me!

This is the next project on my list. Or one of them anyways. Can you guess what it is?? It's a secret project so I can't say yet, but I will post after they get it.

Christmas. I love it, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. I love the christmas songs everywhere, the cuddling up in front of the TV with my kids to watch christmas movies, the hot cocoa on cold nights, and of course, the knitting. Curling up on my favorite side of the couch, with a big ol' pile of yarn. Ahhhh, I love it. What are some of your favorite christmas things?

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