Thursday, December 17, 2009

Making a List, Checking it twice

Have I mentioned that our family is doing a homemade christmas this year? Yep, that means we (if by "we" you understand it's mainly me) make all the gifts. It feels like Christmas is chrashing down upon me! 8 days?! I'm not even close to done yet! AHHH! So to help me keep track, here's my list, bold mean it's done.

  1. Capes for Kids
  2. Princess Bracelets and Necklace for Baby Girl
  3. Felt Playmat for Little Man
  4. Autumn Lapghan for Grandma
  5. Keyhole Bowtie for friend.
  6. secret something for KG. (she might read this, can't be too careful!)
  7. Something for my Ma....I still haven't figured out what yet! Ack!
  8. Something for JG, what do you make for toddlers anyways?
  9. Sweater for Mother in Law
  10. Plastic Canvas DS Case for Sister in Law
  11. Tin full of fudge or cookies for Father in Law
  12. Embroidered Dish Towel for KA
  13. Embroidered Tardis Shirt For AJ.
  14. Something Secret for J.

Hubby and I finished the capes last night, but I totally forgot to snap a pic before they were boxed up and wrapped. Today's goal is to figure out what to make for JG, and start on Little Man's playmat tonight.

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