Monday, July 26, 2010

you know you're a knitter when....

You know you're a Knitter when:
1. Your yarn is no longer "contained"
2. your bag or purse has small needle holes
3. you start a new sweater when you haven't finished the old one
4. you have a project for almost every room of the house
5. You spend more on Yarn than you do on food sometimes
6. You think a $80 sweater (made by you) is perfectly reasonable
7. Your kids know that mommy needs her knitting time or she gets cranky
8. Your house is a black hole for tape measures (where do those little buggers go??)
9. You always need more yarn, no matter how much you have
10. You are an excellent multi-tasker

1 comment:

  1. First let me say that your blog page is beautiful. Second, I am not a knitter but I agree with everything you said only translate it to You Know You Are A Quilter When...
    1. Your fabric scraps are no longer contained.
    2. Your purse has note pads with quilt patterns you have seen while out and about jotted down.
    3. You start a new quilt pattern before you have quilted the previous 10 you started.
    4. You have a project for every room in the house.
    5. You spend more on remnants, batting, thread and extras than you do food.
    6. You think a $200 quilt is cheap because it was made in Amish Country.
    7. Your kids know that to touch mommy's quilting items is punishable by Chinese Water Torture.
    8. Your house is a black hole for tape measures (I don't know where they go but if I find out I will let you know!)
    9. You always are on the look out for more remnants, no matter how much you have.
    10. You go around the house cutting up every piece of fabric you find even your families cloths, curtains, table clothes etc...